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Dead Dreams -  is a  story-driven, 2D psychological horror game inspired by Silent Hill 2 and focused on exploration, puzzle solving and story.

Estimated running time: 50 minutes.


Arrows = Move

SPACE, Z or ENTER = Examine / Advance text

F4 / ALT+ENTER = Fullscreen

ESC, X = Menu / Cancel

WARNINGS: Suicide themes/depictions, Body horror, Graphic Violence.

Tips for YouTubers - Download "ForYouTubers.rar" file to see all the details about recording this game and to get the best video quality. Thank you!)

NOTE: This is a demo of the game. It reflects an early development and there will be changes and improvements to a final version.

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Twitter: twitter.com/dead_dreams_dev

E-mail: aiazmarx@gmail.com

Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorAiaz Marx
Made withRPG Maker, Tiled
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dark, Horror, Mystery, Narrative, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
LinksTwitter, Tumblr


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Dead Dreams DEMO CH1 (English) 0.12.rar 154 MB
Dead Dreams DEMO CH1 (Russian) 0.12.rar 154 MB

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This game is very interesting in a very unique style of horror

Going to make a walkthrough of this game! 

keep it up! :D

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I didn't know what to expect with this game, but pictures looked so neat! I'm glad that i played this game, i liked the story and how we went to past and present. I was bit spooked and have to say, i just hate mannequins so much. 

Thank you for playing! Yeah, the mannequins are the worst :D

I don't spook easily, so I can't say too much about Dead Dreams' scare factor, but I can say I appreciate the audio design going on.I'm probably barely into the game at the moment, but the spooky sounds and ambience work very well to set the tone and give an uneasy feeling as you traverse the shadows. That's always a great quality for horror games. The simple art style also has me curious how the rest of the game will play out, since horror doesn't necessarily need high end graphics to "get you."

Good job, dev. I'll be back with more.

Thanks for your review!  I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) 

It's hard to make a scary 2D game, but I'm trying my best :D

As I said, I don't spook easily, so don't let that come off as judgement of your quality. It seems good overall so far, so keep at it. I'll be dong more episodes on it soon.

Sure. I didn't  :)

Part 2!

Spook wise, it has some decent stuff going on. Plot wise, I feel so very lost. Maybe it'll clear up as I go further in.

Thank you for playing! :)

Part 3! It definitely has the spooky atmosphere and audio going for it.

So many squishy things...

I'm glad you finished it! :)

And the finale!

I feel like the protagonist may have issues to work out.

Yeah :D Great video! Thanks! ))

Here's my notes so far on CH1
After he wakes up and all is dark, theres an empty inventory pop-up on the toilet seat. I have this old habit from Game Boy days of examining eeeeeeeeeverything
When I died in the radio puzzle room, an untranslated text showed up (i assume it says do you know my name)
Tape one typo "Maybe I lied. Just a little bit"
Soon after, 'You probably right' should be "You're probably right"
Another small note,  on the fireplace room should be First, not firstly. Unless he says, Firstly, find a communication, secondly, the key.
The third answer in the record player puzzle made me think I had it wrong and I triggered some sort of bad end x_x So i went back and redid the other answers oops
All that said, I'm looking forward to see where this is headed. I'll give my thoughts on the second chapter demo when I have some time
Keep up the good work, good job on the sprites, animations and sound use!

Thanks! There are a lot of things I would like to change, but I decided to leave it this way until the game's release.

I loved all the little homages to Silent Hill 2 and I'm definitely looking forward to the chapter 2 demo that's coming out soon.

Thank you for your support! :)

This is really impressive! Which RPG Maker did you use? I can tell you used a lot of scripts, it looks awesome.

Thanks! I used RPG Maker MV 1.2

I played this!! I'm just as cool as jacksepticeye!! Anyway, I loved it. It was so freaking scary & the puzzles were fun.


Thank you for your support!) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

No problem!! It was really fun!! 😁

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I can't wait for more!!  I'll probably be just as scared, but that's kind of the point I guess...


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)


Thank you for playing!) Great channel!

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Part 2! This game just got better and better. I was disappointed when I reached the end of the demo only because I wanted to keep going! Great work, can't wait for the full release of this!


Thank you for finishing the Demo! I'm working really hard to make it a full game!)

This has been fantastic so far! I don't even think I've gotten through the whole demo yet, but already I'm feeling the sting of the choices I've made. The sound direction and the graphics are great. I can't wait to see what more there is, and for the full release of the game!

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Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!)

Actually I just uploaded the new version with a changed flashlight.  This one should look much prettier on video.  If you want to finish it, give it a try.  Just download the 0.12 version and paste your old save files.

I found this very enjoyable! I love the sense of mystery and vagueness that comes with playing this game. There a lot of unexpected twists and the puzzles are very fun! Thanks for sharing this game and I hope to see you finishing it! If you'd like to watch my play-session, feel free to!

Thank you for playing, I´m glad you liked it!  As I noticed you played the older version of the game?  The new one should support full screen in HD. Anyways, great video!

Oh! I actually had to switch it to windowed mode just to ensure my recording was set up right and decided not to switch it back ahah. Sorry about that :P

(2 edits)

 Don't worry!) If you have problems recording it in full screen mode you can actually make the window itself bigger by resizing it.  Anyways, thank you for responding! I found it very useful! 

I streamed this game today and really enjoyed it! The sound effects were great (and some were unsettling, but that's good in a horror game, haha). I really like the art style; the monsters are really creepy. I couldn't make a donation when I downloaded the game (lack of funds), but when I get some money, I will, because I think it is worth it. Good luck on the rest of the game; I look forward to playing the completed game once it is released. 

Thank you! Don't worry, you already supported my game simply by playing it!)

Just played the demo and I really enjoyed it. Like others have said, I love the jump scares cutting off people talking. It was always shocking. Loved the atmosphere and I can feel those Silent Hill 2 vibes hard. Gotta put your hand in the hole every time.

I was a bit confused on the story at times. It jumped around a lot. Sometimes weird stuff happened in the real world and I'm not sure how it'll all tie in, but I'm sure it'll be clear when the full game hits.

Hey, nice channel. Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

I really enjoyed this one! The sound effects are good and creepy, and the story's good, but the biggest thing to me is that you didn't give away the jumpscares with the text boxes. They always show someone being cut off, or the text stops appearing, and you know the character gets interrupted, but not here. Great job.

My only real complaint is that at least one mannequin seems to have a large area of effect, so I can't pass it without luring it into a bigger room. Can't wait to see the full game!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the way the jumpscares were made. 

You can pass the mannequins using diagonal movement  (I'm sure no one knows about it except me,lol) But you have a point .  Actually I added them at the last moment and they haven't been well tested.

I went back and looked, and it seems like it's just one. The hallway with the eyeball guy room has two mannequins, but only the one on the left seems to have the problem.

Got it. Thank you for checking it out!)

Just got your game. Can't seem to play it in linux though o.o How do you play it in linux?

You play it simply by launching the "Game.exe"

It doesn't launch, it just keeps saying "Error". Aren't .exe files windows files? I'm trying to install wine right now. Not sure if it'll work though.

Yeah, I can't get wine to launch in ubuntu 18.04 either. How are you launching the .exe file?

Sorry,  but I have no idea. I only had  one tester who supposedly played it on Linux and he said it worked fine :(  (back then I didn't  really had all that much people to test my game).  I'll ask around. see what can we do. Thank you for contacting me!

I understand, and you're welcome. I hope I can play this game sometime ^^

I was really impressed by this! Literally never been scared by an 2D RPG before. Didn't get through a whole lot of it, but I had fun with what I saw. I'm definitely excited for the full version!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Also me to  prove  you my sound here my account with the sound  ->https://freesound.org/people/Thegamemakerqueen/sounds/439397/#comments  Thanks so much for ask it means alot :3333

Hey just wanted to thank you for use my my sound in your game. Jack played your game and I found out from watching his vid you used my sound :3333

Thank you for creating such a unique sound effects!)

your vary welcome :33 

Enjoying the game so far. Only thing ruining it for me is how much my laptop sucks, lol.


That's okay! I'm glad you liked it!)

Really good for a demo! 

Thank you for playing my game! I'm glad it ISN'T AWFUL :D

Haha no worries, honestly as a huge Silent Hill fan as soon as I see it as an influence on a game I check it out, you'd be surprised how many of them are rubbish (your's isn't).

Gave the game a bit of a go, feels like I scratched the surface though

Thank you for playing!) I really liked your channel! One note: there is no need to stretch the games screen.  The resolution is supposed to be like one in Undertale, Lisa etc.  

I stretch most just to avoid black bars. Gameplay-wise it sorta is normal to play in any windowed mode or screen resolution whether HD or not - but when you make it as a 'Viewing medium' like cinema/movies, you tend to get a lot of people who complain about black bars, you know? (Though, cinema-related, the black bars are on the top and bottom, but Non-HD Game-wise, it's left and right).

Okay, I got your point.  That's just  a problem you have with RPG Maker.  Some people are going to complain about  black bars, others about stretchy graphics  :D  Anyways, I respect your choice.

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I really like the idea of cyber-murder, like imagine it's so exciting and horrifying by the fact that you might get killed in a virtual game.

It's a really nice game, looking forward for the full version! 



Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!) 

Also I didn't realize that you can finish the game just in 30 minutes. That's officially a new record :)

Cool game. The art is really nice and spooky. 

Thank you for playing! I'll definitely check out your channel :)

Sound Design is spot on and it had some really interesting ideas in terms of showcasing the main character's thoughts. Keep it up. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks! It's cool you've played the whole game right away :)

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed this game so far. It is fairly deep, and it has some unique ideas. We can't wait to finish it!

I really appreciate the support. Thank you so much for playing ! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm not usually into this style of game but I was intrigued by it. If I get enough requests I'll certainly be playing more 

Thank you for playing! I hope it gets enough media attention. Actually, the first 17 minutes is a just an exposition, the horror part goes right after it :)

....weeeeeeeell I may forgo the whole waiting for  folk thing and play anyway :D

Time to relive some memories!!! 

Thank you for playing my game! The resolution thought seems kinda off.  As the majority of RPG Maker games, this one should not occupy the whole screen, but instead have some borders (check out the resolution in Undertale, Lisa an some other games) :)

Hi there! Really cool game to play, I loved the story and the atmosphere is really unique! Keep it up! 

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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I will definitely check it out!