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"DEAD DREAMS" is a 2D psychological horror game focused on puzzle-solving and atmosphere with a complex non-linear story in which every element has a meaning...

A school game dev club of four friends breaks up after the tragic death of one of their members. Until... a sinister ‘V’ would force them back to their memories of those events and how it changed their lives.

  • Every puzzle, creature and story element reflects the character's fears and dreams.
  • 35+ disturbing and uncanny creature designs.
  • Multiple characters and complex non-linear story with a Sci-Fi twist.
  • 5-8 hours long.
  • Atmosphere, sound design and story inspired by the Silent Hill series.
  • Fully animated cutscenes.


Arrows = Move

SPACE, Z or ENTER = Examine / Advance text

F4 / ALT+ENTER = Fullscreen

ESC, X = Menu / Cancel/Erase (text)

If you are experiencing any lag in-game:

- Go the website of your graphics card manufacture (NVIDIA, AMD, etc.) and download & install the latest driver for your graphics card. Make sure that the driver supports OpenGL.

"Influenced by Silent Hill and PT, Dead Dreams imposes its own mythology, made of disturbing and demented creatures. Multiple characters and complex storytelling create a deep and surreal experience.¨  Creepy and Surreal.

¨Dead Dreams aims to continually frighten you by always having some sinister creature nearby, tasking you with fleeing it while also letting the meanings in its form wash over you.¨

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Dead Dreams DEMO (EN, ES, RU).rar 89 MB

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