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Dead Dreams

Story-driven, 2D psychological horror game focused on puzzle-solving and atmosphere. · By Aiaz Marx


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Ver. 1.13 is out!
NG+ removed. Now all three endings and additional chapter are available from the first playthrough. 14 new achievements added (Steam). Improved visuals and cu...
"Hedera" new horror game release!
Hello, horror game lovers! I'm excited to announce that I'm releasing a new game "Hedera" on MAY 21st ! It's all about dealing with past trauma through dream...
Ver 1.1 is here!
Changes include: Crucial reveals about the IRIS' s project's goal were moved from CH4 to CH2 Certain lore details\explanations have been changed\simplified\move...
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Full game release!!!
DEAD DREAMS has been finally released! Thank you everyone for your support and patience!...
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Chapter 1 release!
Today I want to tell you about Chapter 1 of DD realeased on my Patreon which will be available for all $3 Tier members. This one is about exposition, showing re...
New chapters releases
Hey, Marx is here! The Kickstarter campaign has finally ended. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach our goal , but I’ll try my best to make a great game anyway...
Kickstarter + Chapter 2 Demo!
Kickstarter - June 1st! + Chapter 2 Demo release! I'm super excited to tell you about the moment that I was preparing for this whole time! I'm launching a Kicks...
Fullscreen support
Hi there! Just letting you know that from now on the Game supports the Fullscreen without stretching the graphics. Now it should look much prettier ! Special th...
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