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"Escape the glitchy anime world and save your girlfriend from monstrous waifus by uncovering the truth behind gory videotapes circling in Mistvale"


"Static Senpai" is an experimental 3D horror game made on RPG Maker MV using amazing MV3D plugin by Cutievirus.


 Arrows / WASD= Move 

SPACE, Z or ENTER = Examine / Advance text

F4 / ALT+ENTER = Fullscreen 

ESC, X = Menu / Cancel/Erase (text)


The player's camera might get disabled after using the door and interacting with certain events. Just RMC on the screen to enable it.

The game's made on MV3D (RPG Maker MV) and could suffer from frame drops and a bit unresponsive controls. Will be fixed in the near future.

If you've  enjoyed the game, please, consider supporting me on Patreon


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Static Senpai (EN, RU) 206 MB


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Pode fazer uma versão para Android?? Por favor 🙏🙏😭


I wouldn't play this game... Movement is not the best and it lags; I can bet it's not because of my computer.

I didn’t ever far at all gave up lol starts at 02:20


We have made a video in spanish.

Your game is great!!!

Os dejo el video por si quereis verlo en castellano

I just finished this game and i have to say this was amazing. The music and atmosphere gave a feeling of not being alone in my room and that in a horror game is hard to achieve for me. The scares were great and the moments were creepy. The extremely dark story matched the environment well with the darkness of your surroundings and the overall feel of the game. If your ok with gore and dark yet confusing storylines i definitely  recommend this game pick it up and give it a try! 

so far I've enjoyed the game , but I'm currently stuck in the school, specifically where you have to put a number code. Is there a hint that I haven't seen?

There are two pentagrams that gotta be layered on one another in order to get the first code :)

THough Usually, I suggest people watch playthroughs.

thanks, also quick question, what is the song that the girl sing while roaming the halls. It sounds familiar?

Em... I don't quite remember. Just some copyright-free anime song xD

plz, can you find it somehow? D:

Deleted post

Hi!! I wanna leave a review but I can't get the game to work, I'll download the file and all I get is a rar file? I can't export it and all it does it shows me an internet explorer tab.. I would love to get some help so I could play!!

This might have something to do with WinRAR's version. Are you getting an error when exporting?

sorry for the late response, but it doesn't let me export it at all. 

Honestly, this game was pretty good. the atmosphere it set with alot of its scares works really well. as much as i liked this game, i do have some complaints. Anytime the inventory is opened the cursor unlocks from the center of the screen as it should but it doesnt relock after closing the inventory. theres a weird delay between when you press a key and when you move and it would be better if you made interactables more noticably interactable. i found myself trying to pick up items that i couldnt and completely missing something as it isnt something that has been interactable but randomly is. overall good game, the story is confusing but enticing. 7/10 


This game is really good so far! Great pacing and atmosphere the moments were creepy and well timed and i've enjoyed it so far! Ill definitely finish it! 

I actually really really like this game good job


I was wondering how long your game is and if it's long enough to do a YouTube video on it :D

It should be about 40 minutes with editing.


Okay, I have very mixed feelings about this... It was a very well put together game and the atmosphere was creepy. Now, it was only creepy if you happened to figure out the puzzles and if you triggered the scares... so, I'm probably not the best person to work out puzzles and to click "the obvious," but this 30 minute game took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to NOT EVEN BEAT IT! Maybe this is just me being mad at myself... lol. ANYWAY, here's my gameplay.

Skip to 13:13. This was the last game I played on FRIGHT.

This was super cool to see the MV3D used! It really helped with making a strong immersive experience :). I hope you get to check out my playthrough sometime!

Juego de terror muy divertido, una historia interesante que te dan ideas diversas sobre que esta pasando

This is... definitely an experience. I don't know what it is, but girls with deep singing voice bugged the crap out of me! I'm guessing there's something have to do with the main character and the two girls... something horrible. And I was right :/


Thank you for checking it out :)

I gave the game a shot and it's very unique considering it was made with an RPG Maker. I only wish there was a hint inside that pipe room and a more universal keyboard control system. (i.e use WASD or arrow key. It seems like enabling WASD made figuring out what key did what a bit confusing for a bit.) Besides that, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thank you for checking it out :) Definitely gonna change that in the future


Gave it a Let's Play

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cool creepy :*

Cool Hard with hard Puzzles.:D

wa ka ra na i

Amazing game dev the puzzle are hard and the atmosphere is amazing so well done 

I dont know what do do after you get to the basement and get the wrench, secret tape, and the hand. Other than getting stuck i had a lot of fun!

Very Hard to Figure out what to do in the Basement. I found the Wrench and key but after that I don't know what to do with those valves downstairs.

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Have you seen those screens outside the windows? That's a hint.

 i think i got stuck in the same area but i did not find valves, i got someones hand, a wrench, and a secret tape but idk what to do after...

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Just uploaded a new version with a few more hints. 

For now, you use a hand near the hole, and you gotta use the wrench in the basement. Screens give you the amount of turns.

do u have to select the hand or just press enter in front of the hole with the hand in your inventory? 

select! .D srry. first time I've used this inventory system.